Photo Fundamentals


During this engaging half day course, two experienced local photographers will demonstrate the fundamentals of photography. This course combines theory with practical exercises to guide you through the mysteries of turning your snapshots into cherished memories.

With this course we will guide you through some of the key photography principles such as composition, lighting, exposure and handling your camera. Practical exercises form a big part of the course and our aim is for you to start getting the best possible images from your equipment.

During the course special attention will be given to Portrait, landscape and action photography for beginners. This will help you to start consistently capturing those stunning sunsets or children's cherished moments in a way that makes you proud to show them off.

What to Bring:

  1. Your camera - Digital SLR or Compact Camera is fine
  2. The Manual for your camera
  3. Memory card for capturing those images.

Note: A light refreshment will be provided during the course.