Sunrise and Sunset Workshops

Everyone enjoys a good sunset or sunrise photo, the warm rich colours that are displayed at this time of day really give meaning to the term "golden" hour that photographers often use. Whilst the colours and light at this time has a magical quality it can be very fleeting and if you are not prepared or not confident in your picture taking skills you may miss the opportunity.

OzLight Photo adventures are pleased to offer these 2hr workshops focused on getting the best photos during the short amount of time available at the edges of the day. During this hands-on workshop the instructors will offer instruction in setting your camera, advice in obtaining the best composition and inspiration to obtain great photos. The workshop is suitable for photographers or all ages and all skill levels.



Boulder Reflections

To get the most of the workshop it is recommended that you bring the following items:

- your camera (most cameras will be suitable ranging from a point and shoot type model to a DSLR)

- lens (good sunset photos can be achieved with most lenses ranging from wide angle to telephoto)

- your camera manual

- a sturdy tripod (a limit number of tripods may be borrowed from the instructors on the day)

- hat, sunscreen, wet weather protection and insect repellent (suitable for the conditions on the day)

- sturdy shoes

- a sense of adventure and desire to learn!!

Note: Good photos can often be captured during light rain. Quite often bad weather can lead to dramatic lighting. In cases of extreme weather, the Ozlight team may postpone the course and will contact students at least 45 mins prior to listed start time.