Photographing Kids Workshop

Checking the shot_KD

An exciting new workshop from the team at OzLight Photo Adventures that focuses on the difficult challenge of photographing kids. Getting wonderful photos of those special young people in our life can be one of the most rewarding photography endeavours. The team at Ozlight Photo Adventures have designed this practical workshop around a number of regular encountered scenarios that will give you valuable insight and experience that will give you more confidence when photographing the kids.

During this workshop, the OzLight Photo Adventures team will provide a number of models and take you through a variety of different scenarios.  We will be guiding you through the camera and flash settings as required along with shooting techniques that will help you to improve your photography.

During the workshop we will be focusing on a number of key scenarios:

  • Informal portrait inside - helping you to make the most of the available light to capture a wonderful relaxed portrait.
  • Formal portrait - utilising flash or studio lights to capture a wonderful formal portrait.
  • Outdoor portrait - Using natural light and engaging compositions in the park
  • Sports/Action - Fast paced moments from the kids sports events or just them playing in the backyard.

As you are guided through the scenarios by our 2 experienced photography instructors there will be ample time to ask questions and plenty of chances to practise the required photography techniques. Ozlight photo adventures will be providing models and the required studio lighting. We recommend you bring along your own camera and a range of lenses and a sense of adventure!