Natural Light Portrait

Tash in the Rain by Ken Dickson 1/200sec @ f2.2 

As photographers we are always called upon to take photos of friends and family, often in all types of lighting or you might just be driven to capture that perfect portrait. The team at OzLight Photo have put together an exciting adventure designed to give you a chance to practise your portrait skills along with a group of similar interested people. We have organised a number of models, a great location and the OzLight team will be available to provide assistance. This adventure is a wonderful chance to practise and develop those portrait skills in an encouraging , stress free environment.

The focus of this adventure will be natural light, so don’t bring your flash. We will be using the unique opportunities offered at the selected location to capture engaging portraits of our models using the available light. During this adventure will be an ideal time to practise some key portrait skills such as posing and positioning the model to make the best of the available light. It is also an ideal chance to try some spot metering to get the best exposure for your subject.

The adventure runs for 4hrs, the OzLight Photo team will be providing a light snack to ensure your creativeness is well fueled.

Kathryn by Tony White F/1.8 @ 1/50sec 50mm