Landscape Workshop – Road Trips

This inspiring workshop will help you to unlock the secrets of capturing great landscape photos and provide you with skills necessary to develop you interest in this are further. The workshops are conducted onsite at various locations giving you a chance to learn in real life situations, locations are chosen to ensure that you will have the opportunity to capture something special whilst maintaining a chance to learn.

During the workshop we will develop your skills in a number of areas critical to successful Landscape Photography:

- Composition - learning what to include or exclude from your images

- Seeing the light by learning to see and predict what impact the light is going to have on a landscape.

- Setting up your camera with the best settings and modes to use for landscape photography

- Setting up and using tripods

- Tips and tricks for planning landscape photography outings

Landscape photography can be a very fulfilling experience, especially when you are able to capture that quintessential photo that portrays the moment and environment as you experienced it. Come along to this workshop bringing your desire to learn and a sense of adventure, your landscape skills will develop quickly in our fun and relaxed atmosphere.