Macro Garden Walk

Diving Duck

A beautiful garden provides an ideal area to relax, for photographers the garden provides a treasure trove of opportunities. This 5hr workshop is ideally designed to help you make the most of these opportunities, it will provide you with skills and experience that can be carried forward to any location from a back garden to the Australian bush.

The garden environment will provide a setting to explore many areas of photography from Landscape, to flower macro and nature shots of animals large and small. During the Garden Walk workshop we will be explore a number of areas including:

- Selecting subjects and building a clear story

- Framing and composition - looking for the creative angle

- Shallow depth of field

- Modifying and controlling light

- Practical and in-expensive equipment aids

With the 2 Ozlight instructors in attendance we will be readily on-hand to help you make the most of your time during the workshop. As with all Ozlight workshops we encourage a fun and relaxed environment that accommodates all photographers regardless of their experience level.

Water Lilly