Flash Photography Workshop

Rebecca Dancing



An exciting workshop from the team at OzLight Photo Adventures designed to give you ample time to practise your portrait skills when using an external flash.

During this workshop, the OzLight Photo Adventures team will provide a number of models and take you through a variety of different shots.  We will be guiding you through the camera and flash settings, the placement of the flash and the model to capture some great shots.  

This workshop is your opportunity to learn and experiment with your flash in a relaxed and fun environment.

Quite often an external Flash or Speedlight is one of the first accessories people buy for their cameras. But often it sits in the camera bag never used, during this adventure, the OzLight Photo Adventures team will demonstrate some of the best fundamental practices for getting great results from this accessory.

 Also on-hand will be a number of simple and expensive accessories such as umbrellas, snoots and grids. You will be surprised the difference these relatively simple devices can make to your photos!

 So come along, bring your camera and flash (if you have one) and be prepared to shoot some great images with people who have a similar passion for photography and learning.

KD_Film noir - 4