City Lights

The Lights of Brisbane

The city of Brisbane is a wonderful sight at sunset, and as the twilight rises and city lights come to shine the view becomes even more spectacular.

Join the team from OzLight Photo Adventures for an evening of adventure as we explore the Brisbane river and the vista it provides.

We will start at South Bank for sunset before following the river to capture the lights of the bridges as they come on.

What to Bring:

  1. Your camera - Digital SLR or Compact Camera
  2. The Manual for your camera
  3. Memory card for capturing those images.
  4. Charged camera batteries
  5. Tripod
  6. Comfy Shoes

Places are limited to 12, so make sure you get in quick to ensure you don't miss out!

And never fear, even if the weather turns to rain, South Bank provides some great opportunities available in the rain.


City Twilight