Lightroom Workshops

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the premier software tools for Photographers. It provides extremely powerful capabilities not just to catalogue and manage your photos but also editing. Given Lightroom's importance to photographers, the team at Ozlight Photo Adventures are pleased to offer 2 distinct classes that help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

Lightroom Workflow

During the Lightroom workflow class the OzLight team of instructors will help you design a workflow, using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s tools in all stages of your post production activities from importing, managing, editing and exporting your images. We will show you how a strong yet simple workflow will enable you to work faster and smarter, allowing you time to focus on the creative side photography.

During this class, we will look at all stages of post processing using this powerful tool:

  1. Importing and file-naming
  2. Using and creating Import Presets
  3. How to use keywords
  4. Setting up Metadata
  5. Rating and tagging of images
  6. Creating collections and smart collections
  7. Basic Photo Developing and editing techniques
  8. Syncing of adjustments between images
  9. Using Lightroom with Photoshop
  10. Exporting and publishing your images
  11. Printing from Lightroom
  12. Backing up your catalogue and photo


Lightroom Develop

Using their extensive skills and experience in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom the team of instructors at OzLight Photo Adventures are able to provide this highly informative course focused on the Develop module. We will discuss each of the module's tools in detail and provide real world examples of the tool's application. The instructors will also demonstrate some of our favourite tips and tricks enabling you to get the best out of your image processing within Lightroom.

 During this class, we will look at all stages of post processing using this powerful tool including:

  1. Cropping and resizing images
  2. Basic image lighting adjustments such as highlights, whites, shadows and darks.
  3. Sharpening
  4. Lens correction tool
  5. Spot healing
  6. Graduated filters
  7. Adjustment brushes
  8. Making and using presets
  9. Black and white conversion
  10. You will even get a chance to process your own images.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom