Why I think Lightroom 5 is worth the upgrade?

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Why I think Lightroom 5 is worth the upgrade?

There are numerous programs out there to manage and edit your photos, but by far my favourite is program and the one I use the most is Adobe Lightroom.  Lightroom provides not just an editing program but a way to manage your photos, and by manage I mean download, delete, tag with keywords, mark the location the image was taken as well as upload directly to Facebook and Flickr.  And with each version they add more and more features that make it even better, and Lightroom 5 is no different.


So what are the new features in Lightroom 5 that I think makes it a worthwhile upgrade?  The first of the new features (and probably the biggest) that I think makes the upgrade worthwhile is the improved cloning tool.  Previously the cloning tool has been simply a spot removal, so it was difficult to remove lines and other objects.  Now with Lightroom 5 the cloning tool can be used like a brush. So removing posts etc is a lot easier now.

Improved Cloning

There is another improvement they have made to the cloning tool and that is an alternate view that allows you to more easily see the dust spots or water drops that occasionally appears on your images.  The option is available when you show the toolbar (T) and tick the Visualize Spots checkbox.

Cloning-VisualizeSpotsAmazingly I could not actually find an image with any spots in it.

Another new tool in Lightroom 5 is that of the Radial Filter, this tool provides an alternative way to apply the same changes that are available on the Graduated Filter and the Adjustment Brush tool.  The new Radial Filter is very similar to the Graduated filter except that it can be placed anywhere in the image and reverse the settings.  This allows you to do things like brighten a face or apply a vignette and avoid darkening the face or other parts of interest.

RadialGradientThe last major new feature that I think it makes it worthwhile upgrading to Lightroom 5 is the new Upright tool.  This tool analyses the image perspective and corrects it so that objects (ie buildings) are not leaning as much.  This is a single click tool and so far my experience with it has been pretty good.


Obviously these are not the changes but they are for me they the biggest and made the decision to upgrade to Lightroom 5 pretty simple.  Make sure to check out our Lightroom workshops page if you want to learn about using these tools and others in Lightroom to manage and edit your photos.

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