Location Guide – Nudgee Beach QLD

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Location Guide – Nudgee Beach QLD

Located only 20 mins from the centre of Brisbane, this bay side beach is wonderful location the can yield some magnificent sunset and sunrise images.

Tree of Life by Ken Dickson
1/8 sec @ f16, ISO 200
Canon 7d with 17-70mm sigma lens

The key feature of Nudgee Beach is the wide open sand flats that appear at low tide. These sand flats produce wonderful sand patterns with isolated pools of water helping to provide a good counter balance. There are also some beautiful trees near the edges of the beach and if you look hard enough you should be able to make a very interesting combination from the sand, water and trees.

Nudgee beach is a very popular location for people walking their dogs or exercising their horses, these relaxed people and at times very excited animals also provide a interesting set of subjects.

Out Walking by Ken Dickson
1/2000 sec @ f4, ISO 200
Canon 7d with 100-300mm sigma lens

Special Photographic Features or Notes

As the beach connects into the nearby Boondall Wetlands, the local bird life is a fantastic subject to catch here. Nudgee beach forms an important part of the Moreton Bay shorebird area, and in the right season you will get a chance to see and photography some of these migratory birds that have traveled from as far away as Japan.

Looking for something by Ken Dickson
1/3200 sec @ f4, ISO 200
Canon 7d with 100-300mm sigma lens


Best times of the Day

Sunrise and Sunset are most definitely the best times of day for this location. Late afternoon will see a wide range of people on the sand flats enjoying the atmosphere.

Nudgee Sunset by Ken Dickson
1/25 sec @ f16, ISO 100
Canon 7d with 17-70mm sigma lens


Special Equipment

Tripods are a must for the low light photography of sunrise and sunset. I also recommend ND Grad filters to help balance the light across the image. Also don’t forget your cable release.

For birds and action shots of the dogs or horses on the beach I recommend a longer focal length lens – 100-300mm range works best. For these type of shots a Mono pod can also be a worthwhile addition to your kit bag.

Tidal Information

A word of caution though – you must check your tidal information. This location does not work during high tide, at this time the whole sand flats will be covered and uninteresting. Whilst the water level never really gets very high, be aware if you are on the sand flats with an incoming tide, you do not want to get your equipment wet.



Getting there

  • From Brisbane city head towards the Brisbane Airport.
  • Following the gateway motorway towards the Sunshine coast
  • Exit the Motorway on Nudgee Rd Exit.
  • Follow the signs to Nudgee beach from there.
  • The best place to park is in the public car park at the end of Fortitude St. There is plenty of parking, public toilets, BBQ, picnic tables and an easy access ramp down to the sand flats.

Ozlight Photo Adventures runs regular sunrise and sunset outings to Nudgee Beach. Checkout the adventures page for more details of upcoming events.